Michael King – Director Logistics

Experience summary


Michael King is a highly skilled cost manager and logistics expert. He brings his determination to Global Brand Resources, and his skills to ensure the detail works.

Michael has a background in retail and manufacturing and has worked for Sanitarium in management roles, including operations and logistics, export and cost management.

Michael’s multi-faceted career with one of Australia’s leading cereal manufacturers has placed him at the forefront of the company’s export drive.

Michael has a flair for costing – an essential component in the development of pricing and management for international trade where tax variations, exchange rates, supplier costs, logistics and many other factors must be managed to provide optimal outcomes.

There is a need to understand the intricacies of how to move product from India to anywhere in the world, and Michael provides the expertise in this area.

Costs of exporting plays an important role in managing this process, as well as making sure product is received in a timely and saleable manner. Michael has worked in building logistics for the Australian Culinary Foods business which now currently spans 16 countries around the world. Delivering of products in a timely manner is extremely important to the success.

Michael has extensive experience in the intricate logistic costing systems and is considered to be at the cutting edge – delivering this information on which informed decisions can be made, and more importantly, can be relied upon to produce good outcomes for all parties concerned.


Currently Logistic Director at Australian Culinary Foods Pty Ltd

Currently Logistics Director/Owner of Cape Spice Australia Pty Ltd

Currently Logistics Director/Owner of Global Branding Management Pty Ltd