Pyramid & flake salt

flakesaltOur pyramid & flake salt has a unique taste and it blends perfectly with all cuisines. The reason is our salt pans situated in pristine deserted area. Meaning our salt brine is fetched from ground water in desert area, which is high in salinity. The brine is ultra-pure from which we derive our natural salts with added natural minerals in it. It is definitely better then sea salt, which is harvested from seawater, polluted with all industrial effluents and waste released into sea.

Pyramid salt has a unique pyramid shape natural crystals harvested holistically from our salt pans. The experience of crushing the flakes between fingers is amazing and it adds rich flavor to your food. Enhances taste of any cuisine with its unique taste and flavor. It is free from iodine, anti-caking agents and any other additives, a perfect choice for food connoisseur and food chef’s. Add this natural unique salt to your life!

Flake salt is again derived from same salt pants and has unique flakes. Best used with finger rub seasonings.

We have group of farmers working as a team to harvest these salts and return we ensure that their family leads a better life for being a part of this unique natural salt.

To summarize “Nature creates it we only serve it”