Himalayan Pink salt

Connoisseur Selection: Himalayan Pink Salt- (95 gm packed in glass with adjustable grinder cap.)

Himalayan Pink salt is a pure mineral salt gathered from nature’s purest eco-systems- the Himalayan Mountains. It has been used for 1000 of years as a natural medicine and therapeutic cure.


Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt:-

1.     It supplements your body with 84 much-needed minerals & other Bio-Compounds, which is not found in your white common table salt.

2.     Efficiently detoxify the Human body.

3.     It has been proven that the pink crystal salt lowers Blood Pressure.

4.     Its unique composition helps your body and mind to relax.

5.     It helps in clearing up sinus issues and improves respiratory conditions.

6.     It can dramatically improve the condition of your sleep.